Blog A Day 30: Happy Hour

Hello Reader!

If you didn’t know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love spoo0OO0ooky things, I love dressing up, I love giving out candy, and I love carving pumpkins. I got to do one of those things today. I spent the day (and had an absolute blast) making some gourd-geous punkin creations. This is the second year I Snap Chatted the process to my story and I’m going to let you experience what my followers were graced with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Meghan, what does any of this have to do with happy hour? And why are you so amazing at gourd-based art?” Well I have an answer for one of those questions.

I used the pumpkin bits that came off of my jack-o-lanterns to make today’s drink. I took the big chunks of the pumpkin walls (not the guts) and roasted them, then pureed them, then made them into a pumpkin pie simple syrup. After that I just added a shot of bourbon and topped it off with ginger ale. Pro Tip: If you’re going for that foamy look, add partially frozen/slushie ginger ale to hot simple syrup but be aware that it will probably overflow…

It actually tastes pretty good. I was worried because for store bought pumpkin puree, the companies use either pie pumpkins (much smaller, sweeter pumpkins) or butternut squash (again, smaller and sweeter, but this one’s a squash). After pureeing it didn’t smell very appetizing (think what you smell while carving pumpkins but like 10x stronger) but it goes really well in the simple syrup with the pumpkin spice and sugar.

So overall, I had a great day! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for a very special Halloween day post (and the last one of Blog A Day).



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